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A Story of Culture

Culture is the beating heart of Coopers Cross. Every event, engagement and experience within our public spaces aims to enhance your team’s growing culture.

Step into a new
cultural destination

Coopers Cross features an expansive public realm with open green spaces, a versatile Town Hall and cultural areas. A cultural destination, drawing visitors from the local North Docks community, from across Dublin - and from across the world.

Where culture has
a dedicated role

Culture influences how we experience a place. That’s why we have a dedicated Head of Cultural Strategy to drive the creation of vibrant cultural commissions and programming through events, engagement initiatives and outreach opportunities.

Coopers Cross is a catalyst for enhancing your team’s working experience shaped by your values and goals.

The fabric of your everyday

Our explicit commitment to culture means you’ll be stepping into a stimulating environment where you can work, learn, connect, challenge, relax and socialise.

Shared community Experiences

Ingrained within an engaged surrounding community, Coopers Cross benefits from links to Dublin’s North Docks and an ever-growing city centre.

To ensure the legacy of industry and community of the North Docks flourishes, we will continually promote local skills and showcase makers through exhibitions, classes, events and workshops.

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