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A Story of Workspace

Coopers Cross delivers workplaces that are future-ready and sustainably-led. Improving your team’s efficiency and performance.

Cooper Cross Town Hall

Step into next-gen workspaces

Two spectacular energy-efficient and cost-effective office buildings. With a sector-defining intelligent building system, our Grade-A office space is designed to deliver seamless convenience for your employees.

Sector Leading Specs

Extensive Green Roof Coverage

Reducing heat island effect, improving energy consumption and local air quality.

High Performance Building Envelope

Over and above building regulation minimums.

No Fossil Fuel Use

Fully electric building supply.

Air Quality Sensor and Increased Fresh Air

Providing an additional 20% of fresh air than required by local code.

Demand Response Thermal Control

Allows the building to optimise its energy usage.

Intelligent and Predictive Maintenance

Prevents equipment downtime, saves on maintenance cost, and optimises the plant equipment for lower energy usage.

Extensive Submetering

Tracks energy usage at a detailed level to identify patterns which reduces consumption.

Rainwater Harvesting

Reduces freshwater usage.

Two Buildings.
One Shared DNA of Innovation.

The Smartest Office Building in Dublin.

1 Coopers

Offering 93,100 sq. ft. of space and designed to meet the needs of tomorrow's workforce today.

  • 93,100 sq. ft. of grade-A office space
  • Up to 15,800 sq. ft. floor plates
  • 2 penthouse terraces of 5,570 sq. ft.
  • Bike Parking and Changing Rooms

2 Coopers

Offering some of the largest floor plates in Dublin at 46,800 sq. ft., this building features all the same facilities - and more, including the unique 5,000 sq. ft. Town Hall space.

  • 287,700 sq. ft. of grade-A office Space
  • 2 penthouse terraces of 9,990 sq. ft.
  • Up to 46,800 sq. ft. floor plates
  • Extensive reception area
  • 5,000 sq. ft. town hall
  • Bike Parking and Changing Rooms

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Coopers Cross - Empower team through technology

Empowering your Team THROUGH technology

Designed by leading architects Henry J. Lyons, the campus is founded on innovative architectural design and driven by a market leading building management system with continual emphasis on sustainability, health and wellbeing.

Welcome to the Sustainable, Intelligent Campus

The entirety of Coopers Cross is founded on sector-defining innovation to deliver seamless convenience and to enhance sustainability, safety, health and wellbeing, and operational efficiency.

  • Extensive
  • ANPR Plate
  • Campus Mobile
    Phone App
  • Digital Wayfinding
    and Signage
  • Demand/response
    thermal control
  • Touchless door to
    floor experience
  • Live building
    performance data
  • Intelligent, predictive maintenance
  • Unparalleled
  • Visitor

Setting New Standards for Sustainability

Coopers Cross is seeking the highest sustainability credentials in the market, targeting LEED Platinum, BREAAM Outstanding and WELL Platinum.

As an occupier, you can rest assured that your business utilises energy efficiently, with cutting-edge building management systems that deliver prime operational performance.

Coopers Cross - Sustainability

Targeting Highest
Sustainability Credentials

No Fossil

Fully electric building operation


production at
roof level


with a mix
of species




of fresh air
to the buildings**


intelligent control
LED lighting

35% – 40%

reduction in
potable water use*


roof area

* based on the selection of efficient sanitary fixtures
** above local building code

Designed to enhance Your Team's Wellbeing

With intelligent and carefully designed interior and exterior spaces scattered throughout Coopers Cross, your team will benefit from plenty of places for spontaneity and connections.

Coopers Cross CGI

Relax on one of the four penthouse roof terraces

Cooper Cross Town Hall

Your spacious Town Hall space - Perfect for team events and informal meetings.

Campus Community App

The Coopers Cross app enables a fuller experience of the campus. It allows you to book amenities, notify building staff about a maintenance issue, and get up-to-date information about the building and upcoming events.

  • Visitor management
  • Amenity/room booking
  • Digital wayfinding
  • Parking management system
  • Seamless access control
  • Campus communication platform
  • Thermal/Lighting Control
Coopers Cross CTA

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